Purple Prose: The Four Types of Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are those creative innovators who create value from which there was none. They’re basically ordinary folk with extraordinary ideas.

There are many types of entrepreneurs. Figure out which one you are down below.


1. The Home-made

This kind starts the business at home. Most businesses start this way, and it’s okay. When you produce your goods from home, production and management is easy.
The local sari-sari store is a classic example.

2. The Virtual

The internet is a great enabler. We can now connect to millions with a simple click. Most Filipinos buy and sell their products using the internet. In fact we are among the most interactive e-commerce regions in the world.
Hanap. Usap. Deal!

3. The Creative

Remember that lady who sells Avon, while doing manicure-pedicure business in the sidelines? Yep! They find lots of rakets and they do so every single time.
Gimmick is their middle name. It is easy to see why.

4. The Professional

These guys are usually the gutsy folk who have seen success in previous ventures. They build an enterprise, but find no interest in managing it. Instead, they hire other people who are more capable to manage it for them.
They move on to creating the next big thing.