Purple Limelight: Prod Nitivo Handicrafts

Today in Purple Limelight we are featuring Prod Nitivo Handicrafts–a micro enterprise promoting the diverse cultures of the Filipino people. I was graced to have an interview with the founder and marketing executive, Mrs. Angela Acero Labradores.

Humble Beginnings

“I met a friend who made bags in small scale production, and I knew it’s worth sharing to the world”

Mrs. Labradores started this business by tapping local communities that produce crafts. Later on, Prod Nitivo started approaching other local producers and showcasing their crafts in exhibits and events in big malls in Cebu and Davao.
This business offers an alternative livelihood for small communities. Prod Nitivo helps landless farmers by honing their indigenous crafting skills, and showcasing them in bazaars. “Sometimes I sketch designs and patterns for them to produce”, adds Mrs. Labradores.
Quality is still at the forefront of their business. Prod Nitivo chooses the best crafts from the best sources, and proudly shows it to the rest of the world.

Products of the Orient Isles and Seas

Below are some of the beautiful crafts by Prod Nitivo.

Cebu-made Ukelele crafted from fiber glass. 

Bags made from Pandan, Bago-bago vines, and other fibers.

Bags and Pouches Adorned with Colorful Beads, Sea Shells and Coconut Shells

Beautiful Necklaces and Other crafts from Shells and Mother-of-pearl

Dresses, Scarfs, and Pandan Organizers

In foresight:

Prod Nitivo has, and will continue to showcase indigenous Filipino products to the world. They also want to show the harmony between traditional and modern Filipino lifestyle. Mrs. Labradores, for example, proudly carries her fabulous pandan bag anywhere. This is truly a business that worth checking out.
For business inquiries, you can reach Prod Nitivo through:

Phone: 09199562748 or 09177562900

Instagram: @prodnitivo

E-mail: prod.nitivo@yahoo.com.ph

Or you can contact them through Facebook through this link.


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