Purple Prose: Straws Suck for Business

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a document agreed by member states aiming to develop the lives of all people and protecting the environment. There are seventeen SDGs, but today I will be focusing on goal 12 which aims to promote sustainable consumption and production patterns. It further adds that,

“By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse (12.5) “

“Encourage companies, especially large and transnational companies, to adopt sustainable practices and integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle (12.6)”

Why the straws and the styro cups?

These are among the products, along with other plastic utensils, which we only use once, and then we throw them away. I mean you don’t exactly reuse a straw right? And even with the best recycling methods, only a fraction of those straws and styro cups will ever be recycled. Most of them will wash away into our rivers and oceans, while some will spend millions of years in a landfill. We can lessen our impact to the environment if we discourage these products.

A Sustainable Suggestion

If you are running businesses in the food industry, Purple Banana suggests that you find ways to reduce the use of plastic products. For food cart businesses, you can opt using real cutlery and washing them right after. You can use puso (rice wrapped in pandan or palm leaves) and bamboo sticks. In catering businesses, you can start avoiding straws and styro cups, and start offering bottomless drinks in pitchers and glasses.

If they cannot be avoided, we still encourage you to minimize them as much as you can. Coordinate with recycling plants and other facilities for all your plastic trash. And try using recycled products whenever possible. This could be helpful to your branding. With bold letters you can print “Hey guys, this business is eco-friendly!”


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