Purple Prose: What this blog is gonna be

Promoting Promising Businesses

We acknowledge that implementing an advocacy along with a business can be challenging, especially when the promise of better financial returns outweighs principles like environmental conservation and human rights. There are enterprises that begin with an advocacy in mind, but they close down due to lack of recognition and tough competition.

The Purple Banana is about promoting micro- and small-sized businesses that focus on sustainability, creativity and innovation, while protecting labor rights and so on. We will look for businesses that are inclined with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals–and promote these businesses.

We will bring the businesses closer to the mainstream consumer through feature blogging of their goods and services, as well as promotion in social media.

Why Purple Banana?

Personally, bananas are my personal favorite. There are lots of them in my hometown: Davao City. I love this fruit so much; I even conducted studies about it back in the day (go ask me about it).

Bananas are generally yellow, yes? Now imagine your delight if you saw a peculiar kind of banana. Yes, exactly! “Purple Banana” is euphemism for a business that stands out entirely from the rest. Enterprises with a heart, they provide exceptional goods and services like no other.

UPDATE: Purple Banana Blog now has a Facebook page. Like, follow, and share to be in-the-know. You can find the page here. You can still contact us through here.


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